Официальный сайт ВПР и Фестиваль Всего На Свете

Raman Semenov and the BabaCool Foundation (Рома ВПР и Фестиваль Всего на Свете) is a reggae band from Moscow playing original slow roots-rock-reggae with dancehall, psychedelic funk and Russian folk influence.
Raman Semenov and the BabaCool Foundation use live drums, bass, guitars, Nord keyboards, synthesizers, dubman soundman and DJ Morkovka.
The band plays original songs in Russian, written and sung by the band's leader Raman Semenov (Roma VPR) folk and some reggae classics.
Raman Semenov (Roma VPR) was born in 1977 in a small town Privolzhsk. His father, driver by profession, was drumming in a band, and his mom plays balalaika and sings folk songs. As a teenager he started collecting tapes and records found on black market or through friends and playing guitar. His life has changed when he heard a tape of "Rastaman Vibration" brought to him by his sailor friend.
He started traveling around Russia singing his songs for people and early became quite well known on an underground scene, recording since 1994 many albums (6 released on tape an CD) with different sets of musicians, varying in style, but always bearing strong reggae influence.
The band regularly tours Russia, plays in Moscow clubs, open-air festivals, headlining for years largest Russian free open-air festival of live music Pustije Holmi (holmi.ru).